Tracee Perrin Featured on Joe Tells Buffalo Music

...Her skills as a songwriter strip back just enough veneer to make her music beyond genuine and she is an expert at embracing her emotions, channeling them through unabashed sentiment...Read Full Article

Tracee Perrin To Play The Hotel Cafe - Top 40 Charts

Singer/Songwriter Tracee Perrin writes and sings from the heart. Each song is one of open and honest reflections about life and the struggles and revelations that come with it. Perrin's debut EP "Providence" explores socially conscious themes that are heighten by her genuine emotion and the way in which she fearlessly explores her thoughts and feelings track-by-track...Read Full Article

Who inspires the inspired? - interview with the examiner

W.E. Who are some of your biggest influences as musician?

T.P. I grew up listening to country music. My first concert was Reba McEntire when I was 9. I just really connected to the stories and melodies in country music. I love Bonnie Raitt, Wynonna Judd, Vince Gill....Though I was obsessed with Janet Jackson from ages 10-19 and remember having her posters covering my dorm room in college. I'm still convinced we were sisters in another life!... Read Full Article

Providence - A Review by Florshime Zipper Boots

“Providence is the debut EP from singer/songwriter Tracee Perrin. The five tracks shine bright with indie folk and pop mix that is propelled by Perrin's vocals. The songs are deep and compelling, while also catchy and commercial. The acoustic dominated instrumentation provides a perfect canvass for  Perrin's vocals, that are at once soulful, powerful and intimate. This is a sterling debut from an artist that undoubtedly has much more to offer.”

interview with Absolute Punk

A.P. Why should people listen to your band?

T.P. Hopefully because my music moves them in some way or provokes them to explore their own emotions. I try to be really honest about my perspective on what ever I'm writing about, but I don't always lay it out on the surface. You have to reach into it a bit. I think my music gives the listener something to sink their teeth into...

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